Video Tutorials

Congratulations for becoming a Megastore owner!

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1. How to Install a New WordPress

2. How to Import the Megastore

3. How to Become the Admin of the Megastore

4. An Overview of the Megastore

5. An Overview of the Dashboard of the Megastore

6. An Overview of the Tutor LMS Plugin

7. How to Add, Edit and Delete Courses

8. How to Add, Edit and Delete Menus and Categories

9. How to Add Edit and Delete Products

10. How to Edit the Policies

11. How to Upload Your Own Logo

12. How to Connect Your Own Paypal and Stripe

13. How to Create Discount Coupons

14. How to Connect an Autoresponder

15. How to Customize the emails

16. How to Edit the SEO Plugin - Yoast

18. How to Add Your Own Messenger Chat

19. How to Edit Pages With Elementor

21. How to Manage the Affiliate Program Setup

21. How to Edit the Notifications Bar

22. How to Edit the Pop-Up

Additional Tutorials

Settings You Have to Make on Mint Mail Plugin

Some More Changes on WooCommerce Settings

How to Exclude Specific Products or Courses from Membership